Emily Fletcher’s The M Word: Why It Can Help You Handle Life Better

Not convinced you need to make meditation a part of your life? Emily Fletcher encourages you to develop a daily meditation practice in the morning if you want to get better at living life. She is a meditation teacher who is passionate about making meditation a priority in everyone’s life because she knows how important it is for health and happiness. Her course, The M Word quest, will give you some tools to tackle life head-on – no matter what comes your way.

We meditate to get better

The M Word Can Help You Handle Life Better

Emily Fletcher will help you overcome the barriers that keep you from meditating every day. She does this by teaching you what meditation is all about, why people are trying to do meditation wrong, and how to easily include an important meditation in your day.

In short, in The M Word, she teaches you what you need to know and do to overcome your resistance to meditation.

One of the big things you will come out of the quest with is knowing that meditation is not some woo-woo type of practice. You will understand that it’s a practical tool that can help you be happier and healthier in every way.

Most importantly for many people, it can help combat stress, which – thanks to the amount of stress we are all under – is something that everyone needs to be doing on a daily basis.

If you or anyone around you currently views meditation as nonsense, The M Word will disprove that.

Emily teaches that meditation is not about being blissfully happy or Zen all the time. It’s a tool that you need to use to overcome bad experiences in life faster.

For instance, I’ve found that dealing with a negative person doesn’t linger with me as much anymore. I use some of the tools that Emily teaches in The M Word and I feel much better, much faster after a negative encounter with someone.

Your Corpus Callosum Benefits From Meditation

Another way that The M Word can help you handle life better is through strengthening your corpus callosum. Emily says that the longer you meditate, the thicker your corpus callosum becomes.

If you watch the following short video, you will learn why the corpus callosum is so important and why you will want to strengthen it.

Emily says that you have better access to creative problem solving and present awareness when you strengthen your corpus callosum. And, she says that having a strong connection between critical mind and creative mind will give you an edge in life during times where you need to think fast and/or act fast.

If You Don’t Feel Like Meditation Is For You, Then The M Word May Change Your Mind

Many of us avoid meditation because we think that it’s too hard or not made for us. I know many people who say they don’t have time for it or that they don’t want to slow down their thoughts because they need to be creative and ‘be on the ball’ at all times.

But the M Word teaches you that meditation can be easy for everyone and that it will benefit everyone with their creativity, productivity, and overall well-being. It will help you be sharper and more capable of tackling problems. So those reasons for not wanting to meditate are not valid.

I came out of the quest knowing that everyone, from kids to seniors, can benefit from meditating consistently.

As Emily says, the benefits are cumulative, which means the more you meditate, the more benefits you will see.

The M Word Teaches A Morning Meditation

In The M Word, Emily teaches a morning meditation that you can use daily to get yourself ready for the day ahead. She often talks about how it should be done with all your other morning essentials, such as showering or brushing your teeth.

By the end of The M Word quest, you will have done the full the meditation for over three weeks and be in the habit of doing it in your morning.

I find this meditation calming and restful, but I also find that it allows me to clear my head of yesterday’s worries and stresses and get it ready for the day ahead – where there will likely be more worries and stresses that I will need to get rid of with tomorrow’s morning meditation.

So, you could say that just like you take a shower to clean off the dirtiness from the previous day and freshen you up, The M Word is a way to wash off the stress from the previous day and get you ready for the day ahead.

The M Word Teaches Meditations For Everyday Struggles

The M Word meditation is meant to be done in the morning before you begin your day, but Emily Fletcher also provides you with meditations to do whenever you need an extra tool to handle life.

I’ve found that because The M Word teaches visualizations and practices to help you deal with life’s big challenges, you can bounce back from more than just an experience with a negative person. Whether you had a breakup, are experiencing stress with traveling, are having pain, need to calm down at work, need to forgive, or want to have better sex, The M Word quest can help you do that through what Emily teaches.

The M Word Can Help You Handle Life Better

The point is that The M Word gives you some tools to clear out stress and deal with stressful situations better. You will recover faster from negative events. You will let go of past issues that you were holding onto before the quest. You will learn how to tackle those everyday struggles with more grace and gratitude.

If you are interested in learning more from Emily Fletcher, her Masterclass about meditation for super performance is one of the free Mindvalley masterclasses that you can watch at any time (it’s #17 on the list). It will teach you more about what her meditation will do for you.

You can also learn more about The M Word quest by checking out the enrollment page here.

Note: This quest is part of Mindvalley’s Quest All Access Pass. It’s a pass that gives you unlimited access to most of Mindvalley’s courses at one price. Read 5 Reasons Mindvalley’s Quest All Access Pass Rocks (And 2 Things That Could Be Improved)

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