10 Clear Signs God Doesn’t Want You to Give Up on Someone

Signs God Doesn't Want You to Give Up on Someone
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Indeed, it is not easy to know whether God wants you to hold on to a relationship or simply give up on it. First of all, your judgment could be clouded by your emotions. Thus, you could not be sure if it is God telling you what to do or it is simply your heart.

So, what are the indications that God does not want you to give up on your partner? How can you say that He wants you to stay in a relationship and fight for it?

You can check out the following signs to help you decide:

1. You have no peace with the decision to give up.

Peace is one of the signs that you are doing the right thing. If you have a close relationship with God, the Holy Spirit is more likely to convict you whenever you are about to do something against God’s will. So, if you are not at peace with your decision to give up on your partner, maybe He is telling you to reconsider.

Of course, there could be other reasons why you are not at peace. It could be because you still love the person, and you are not ready to let go yet. For this reason, ask God for a clearer direction of His will.

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2. The person asks for forgiveness.

God, Himself, is willing to forgive us every time we sin against Him. He treats us with His grace. Meaning, He continues to accept us despite failing Him many times. Now, if God does not give up on us no matter how many times we have sinned against Him, how can we give up on the people we love so easily?

If the person who hurt you asked for forgiveness, it is a sign that God does not want you to give up on the relationship yet. If the individual sincerely confesses and apologizes for their mistakes, it means that they are genuinely repentant. Why not give them a second chance like how God gives you every time you turn back to Him?

3. You see your partner trying to change.

Each person has their negative traits. No one is perfect so expect that your partner will have flaws too. However, seeing their bad side should not be enough to let go of the relationship quickly. What matters is the effort of the person to be a better partner.

If you can observe that your partner is trying their best to change their attitude and habits, your patience is worth it.  It is one sign that tells you that there is still hope for your relationship to improve. So, do not give up just yet.

4. You still love each other.

Do you and your partner still love each other? If yes, then the relationship is still worth fighting for. Why give up so easily when both of you still hope for the relationship to last? If it is because of problems, remember that no relationship is exempted from them.

If you have confirmed that love is still present between you, it could be a sign from God to hold on. Why not pray and ask Him for wisdom on how to save the relationship? If He is for your love story, He will help you keep it. Just surrender it to Him.

Signs God Doesn't Want You to Give Up on Someone
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5. The person shows relentless determination to succeed.

What makes you think about leaving the person behind? Is it because they do not have a high-paying job yet? Or are they unsuccessful in every way? If you would leave because you think you have no secure future with that person, then it means you do not truly love.

God wants you to love a person unconditionally. However, he also understands your need for security. If you can see that your partner continues to persevere despite previous failures, it is a sign of hope. As you continue to support your partner through prayers, encouragements, and any kind of help, trust that the person will succeed someday.

6. The individual is depressed and needs help.

Do you want to leave your partner because they are currently messed up? If you truly love the person, that would be the last thing on your mind. The person’s situation should instead make you stay because you know the person needs help.

If your partner is struggling with depression, consider it a sign from God that He wants you to help them overcome it. That is what love is about—staying and helping a person up when they are down. If you cannot love your partner at their worst, what would make you deserving of their best?

7. You were able to survive many challenges together.

Has your relationship survived countless fights and other trials throughout the years? Have you ever thought you would break up several times but until now, you are still together? If you seem inseparable despite the number and intensity of challenges you faced as a couple before, why give up now?

Your past relationship victories signify that God does not want you to give up on your partner now. On the contrary, it looks like the challenges you go through are meant to help strengthen your relationship. Plus, they only intensify your love for each other.

8. The positive things in the relationship outweigh the negative ones.

Again, trials are normal in relationships. If you would focus on the problems, expect that your relationship will end soon. However, if you would focus on the good things in your relationship, you would find more reasons to keep fighting.

Try to evaluate your relationship now. Reminisce the happy memories you shared. Think about how you have helped each grow more mature. Are you ready to give them up?

9. You are still in the process of healing.

If you have been hurt by your partner recently, it is normal for the thoughts of giving up to cross your mind often. Human as you are, you simply want the pain to go away. However, it is not the best time to make a decision.

If you have decided to forgive your partner, you should be willing to go through the healing process. Do not impulsively decide to give up on your relationship because of the pain or anger you still feel. Instead, pray about your situation and weigh things before you finalize your decision.

Signs God Doesn't Want You to Give Up on Someone
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10. Both of you still want to fight for the relationship.

Another sign that you should not give up on your partner yet is the willingness to go on. This is in connection to no. 7. If you and your partner have talked about the desire to continue the relationship, then hold on. You are not done with your love yet. As long as there is a chance to keep it, why let go?

To help you go on together, pray for your relationship regularly. Then, surrender your love story to God and ask Him to help you make things right and resolve any issue. Ask Him for wisdom to become better partners.

Pray for Wisdom

Of course, these signs should not be enough to convince you to stay in a relationship. You have to pray about it earnestly. God will indeed send other ways to let you know His will about your situation.

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