Bored With Life? Top 4 Reasons Why And 2 Things You Can Do

If you are bored with life, then you may feel out of place amongst your peers. With so much entertainment and so many options at our fingertips, it’s hard to believe that anyone could get bored with life. But it doesn’t happen because the entertainment is boring or the options aren’t interesting. We get bored with life because we aren’t doing things that speak to our soul and make us feel alive.

In other words, just because someone else says you should be doing x, y, and z to live an exciting life doesn’t mean that you will feel the excitement from it. You need to find what makes your life feel exciting – and it may be something completely different from anything your friends or family are doing.

Top 4 Reasons Why You’re Bored With Life

bored with life


Let’s look at why your life has become boring to you.

1. You Are Living On Other People’s Terms

  • You work where other people think you should work.
  • You live where other people think you should live.
  • You spend your free time doing things that other people think you should do.

When you are living a life on other people’s terms, then life can become pretty boring.

The problem is that you may not think you are living on other people’s terms. You may think you are doing what you want to do even though you are doing what you think you should do based on other people’s judgments and opinions.

This is why you need to challenge yourself to take a look at your life and what you really want out of it.

2. You Are Distracting Yourself From Life Too Much

TV can be a great thing, but when you spend 8 hours in front of it a day, you can easily become bored with life because you are not doing anything that makes you feel alive!

Doing things like lying on the couch and staring at a screen is boring. You can quickly start to feel like you are wasting your life away as you watch show after show.

And even if you don’t directly feel like you are wasting your life away, your human need for doing and experiencing is not being fulfilled, so you will have an emptiness because there is a need that is not being filled.

3. You Believe What You See On TV

Another way TV can cause you to become bored with life is because it showcases lives that aren’t real. They are full of mystery, surprises, excitement, and twists and turns, which isn’t what a normal everyday life is like.

It’s similar to sex scenes on TV. Too many people think that their sex lives should be like what they see on TV, but they forget that these scenes are carefully staged, take more than one take, and only include the sexiest parts of what is being acted out. It’s edited to make it look super sexy and exciting, but real sex is not always like that.

The bottom line is that your life may seem boring compared to your favorite actor’s life, but it’s very important to remember that life is not action-packed like in the movies or on TV. Life in the movies or on TV is scripted and acted and edited to look exciting.

4. You Are Not Doing Things You Enjoy

This sounds so basic, but it’s a common reason for being bored with life.

Maybe you’ve gotten into the habit of doing something you don’t enjoy over doing something that you enjoy. This is very common. You may have stopped doing something you enjoy, such as painting or playing an instrument or going for a walk, and filled in that time with other things you don’t enjoy such as housework or watching TV, or something else that you think you need to do or should do.

When you are actively doing things that you enjoy, there’s always something to look forward to. Life feels less boring and more exciting.

Top Reason To Fix Being Bored With Life

You’ve only got one life. You might as well be as engaged and happy with it as possible.

The great thing about being human is that you have the choice to go out and do something with your life or sit around and think about how bored you are with it. It’s your choice. You can always choose to do something that helps your life feel more meaningful.

The Best 2 Ways To Fix Being Bored With Life

Note: If you feel like you are not bored with life, but you are just bored in general, please read this article: Top 11 Meaningful Things To Do When You’re Bored

Otherwise, if you are bored with life and maybe even feel like it’s not worth living, then here are two ways to fix this.

bored with life

1. Change What You’re Doing

If life is boring to you, then you need to change what you do in life.

For instance, if your job is boring, then you may need to get another job. Or if your relationship is boring, then you need to approach your relationship in a different way.

Change isn’t always easy. Even when you are bored with life, it can be hard to get up and do something different. But you need to if you want to live a more interesting life.

Start small and create new habits in the areas of life that are most boring to you.

The areas you can look at include:

  1. Health and fitness – What habits can I add in these areas to make my life more interesting?
  2. Intellectual life – What can I learn to make my life less boring?
  3. Emotional life – What do I need to feel to make my life less boring? How can I cultivate those feelings?
  4. Character – How can I act to make my life less boring?
  5. Spiritual life – What practices can I develop in my spiritual life to create less boredom and more fulfillment?
  6. Relationship – What habits can I adopt to add more fun into my relationship?
  7. Parenting – What can I do to make parenting more interesting and rewarding?
  8. Friends and family – What rituals can I create with my friends and family to make life more interesting?
  9. Finances – What do I want to spend money on that can make my life more interesting? What can I stop spending it on that makes life boring?
  10. Career – What can I do at work to make me feel alive everyday day?

2. Change How You View Life

Another way to stop being bored with life is to change how you view life.

Becoming depressed about life can become a habit. When you habitually view life as hard or stupid or lacking something, then your brain can have a tough time looking at life in any other way, even during the good times.

One way to change this is to talk to a professional counselor or therapist who can help you see things differently.

You can also start to improve your self-talk. This will go a long way in helping you see things differently and becoming less bored with life.

For instance, if you feel bored with life because you have no intimate relationship, then you may want to talk differently to yourself about how having no intimate relationship impact you. You may want to celebrate being single and list off all the reasons why you enjoy being single. You can affirm to yourself things about being single that make you feel better about it.

The more you talk to yourself in this way, the more you will start to prove what you are saying to yourself and believe it, and that’s why your viewpoint on life is going to change. Things will take on a whole new meaning and you will be able to change how you feel about life.

If you don’t want to talk to a therapist, and don’t know where to begin in changing the way you view things, I highly recommend Marisa Peer and her Uncompromised Life quest on Mindvalley. She can help you see your life in a completely different way.


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