11 Ways to Show Love in a Long Distance Relationship

Show love in long distance relationship
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It is not always easy to be in a long-distance relationship, let alone to maintain it but nevertheless, the existence of new technology in this era helps in easing the pain caused by the distance. With your other half a thousand miles away, how does one keep the fire burning? How does one show love? Here are 11 ways to show love to your partner in a long-distance relationship:

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11 Ways to Show Love in a Long Distance Relationship

1. Make contact regularly. 
Communication is the key to a successful long-distance relationship so make sure to maintain contact at all times whether it be by text messaging or online calls. In most cases, a lack of communication between two people in a relationship leads to falling out and eventually breaking up, that is why having a regular connection with your partner is of utmost importance. Also, avoid having excessive contact. Through regular contact is recommended, a bit of space never hurts, and it allows the two of you to grow!

2. Have an “End-of-Day” recall. 
The “End-of-Day” recall is the retelling of each other’s day and sharing the highlights of it. Through this, each could share what was the most interesting thing or event they saw that day to spark up a conversation. By doing this, you are showing your partner that he or she is always on your mind throughout the day and that will definitely make them feel very loved.

3. Send a package full of gifts. 
It could be anything, his or her favorite book, favorite food, a shirt, a scrapbook you made for him or her, or a quilt blanket specially made! Make your partner’s day by sending your significant other a package full of his or her favorite things. You can also send photos, or bottles full of messages for him or her to open each day, or one of those old-fashioned mixtapes. There’s nothing more loving than a gift compiled of all the mementos that mean a lot to both of you.

Ways to Show Love in a Long Distance Relationship
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4. Plan a surprise visit.
If possible, plan impromptu visits! Buy the next ticket or ride the next bus to see your loved one. A surprise visit from the person you love the most is always welcome and always wonderful. It also shows your partner how much you care and feel towards your relationship, that despite the distance, it is merely numbers.

5. Arrange video dates. 
In this modern era, dates can now be done online so take advantage of it! Arrange as many video dates as possible. See as much as your partner’s face as possible and show him or her that a phone call or text message is not enough to ease your longing. Chat with each other or even bring each other to cafes or restaurants. With the internet now available on mobile phones, you can talk to your partner while working, traveling, or eating outside. Just be careful and wary of your surroundings though!

6. Tag each other in funny photos. 
Social media is now full of funny memes and photos, never forget to tag your partner the ones you think he or she would find extremely funny. It’s another way of brightening up your partner’s day and reminding them how much you care and love them. Every ring of the notification on their phone is a sweet reminder and every time they open their phone, you will be rewarded with a smile and a laugh!

7. Give surprise and unexpected calls. 
This is also another way of reminding them that you love your partner. Of course, he or she is available all the time, there is also work that interferes, but whenever you catch a lucky strike, do not hesitate to ring your partner up to ask about his or her day! “Have you eaten yet?” or “How was your morning?” are just a few gentle and caring questions you can ask to make your loved one feel truly loved?

8. Never forget to say “I love you” every day. 
This is the ultimate way of showing your partner that you love him or her very much. Never forget to tell it! Tell them every day – every time you wake up and every time before you go to bed. There is no wrong time to tell the love of your life how much you love them. Life is short to keep mum about it so tell them now! Even if you are angry, even if you are upset, always, always expresses your love towards your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Ways to Show Love in a Long Distance Relationship
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9. Show that you are patient.
When your significant other does not reply immediately after you text him or her, if he or she does not call you back right after, or if they get busy because of their hectic schedule at work, make sure to let them know that it does not bother you because you are an understanding and patient partner.

There’s a lot of waiting that goes with every long-distance relationship, and because of the distance separating the two of you, it is natural to feel more needy than usual, so whenever you feel like you are running out of patience, calm yourself and take deep long breaths.

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10. Trust your partner.
Trust and patience go hand in hand. If you fully trust your partner then it is easier for you to be patient with him or her. Trust is the very foundation of every relationship. In long-distance relationships, a stronger foundation of trust is more needed because you do not see each other every day.

If you have no reason to be paranoid, then do not worry about things that are not supposed to be problems. Also, learn how to keep your own insecurities in check because those will create issues of mistrust. Tell your partner and tell yourself that you love him or her and that you place your full trust in the person you love.

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11. Be faithful no matter what. 
Lastly, be faithful to your partner no matter what happens. Self-discipline is the core to being faithful, because if you know how to discipline yourself then you will be able to control yourself and avoid unwanted situations. People are only humans but one should be reminded that infidelity is a choice. It is up to you whether you do it or not but if you truly love and respect your partner, nothing and no one in the whole world will ever change that.

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Love is a funny thing. Sometimes we show our love differently from other people. If you tend to be more of an external type of lover or one who shows love by giving hugs or gifts then do not be upset if your partner does not reciprocate these efforts or feelings. Maybe your partner is more of an internal lover or one who shows affection by cooking food or giving smiles especially for you!

It is wrong for people to demand the same kind of love they are giving from their partners because not one person is the same. Especially for long-distance relationships, each person must be very flexible and understanding. It takes two to tango as they say and that is exactly what it takes for a long-distance relationship to work.

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11 thoughts on “11 Ways to Show Love in a Long Distance Relationship”

  1. Im in a relationship with someon and it stil feels like im not dood enouth vor him
    We did argue a lot but not more
    Im just scered of loosing him
    Tnxx thiss artical dit help alot

  2. I have found that my beloved has a daily phone call from her ex boss from long distance. I have a doubt of that being a long distance relationship. She has said that there is nothing like it. She said that only the ‘how was the day’ type conversation is taken place and she basically does not pay any attention of what her ex boss narrates.
    But, i don’t take it with ease and our relationship may be affected. Will i continue the relationship relying my beloved or get out of it? I really love her so leaving her would be much painful.

    • Dont leave her if you really love her and love you too, i think you should just give her some time..and see what will happen.

    • I don’t see any problem in continuing because she already was honest to you about it not been an ldr so trust her and don’t let little worries bring pain

  3. This article makes me feel sane! My ldr has entered the phase where it’s no longer lovey dovey all the time so I have to learn my boyfriends new love language. This definitely helped.

  4. I have problems trusting people mostly and Because of that I can have lost him I been chatting with in the beginning we chat everyday now I should be lucky if he reply. As for being patient I fell I been very patient and all I do is wait for him now. Okay I contact him alot Maybe thats what is puching him Away. I think In doing all the wrong things in this I really like him and in the beginning it was not a problem but now his always busy. As for faithful ITS no problem for me this really cofused me? This seem to be all


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