10 Ways To Confront The Question “What Am I Doing With My Life?”

What am I doing with my life mind map

“What am I doing with my life?” There comes a time where we all ask this question. Whether it’s because we are unhappy, feel unfulfilled, or think we should have done more by now – the question can make us feel regret, pain, and confusion. There’s no point in ignoring the question because it will …

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6 Keith Ferrazzi Quotes That Can Help You Be More Successful

keith ferrazzi quote

Keith Ferrazzi is most known for his popular book ‘Never Eat Alone’. He has some great advice for networking and, more importantly, for networking authentically. He takes networking to the next level, where he focuses on being genuine and building relationships with people in order to create the life you want. If you listen to …

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The Habit Of Ferocity: My Review And Thoughts On The Mindvalley Quest

the habit of ferocity review

I have found that there are some quests on Mindvalley that you could do all in one day and still get the benefit. The Habit of Ferocity is not one of them. This quest requires a lot of thought and integration, and I can tell you that at the end of the quest you are …

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Be Extraordinary Review: 10 Ways It Will Make You More Productive

Becoming Limitless Productive

Vishen Lakhiani created a course called Be Extraordinary and put it on Mindvalley. It was originally named Becoming Limitless. Limitless means without end, limit, or boundary, so it seems obvious that Be Extraordinary can help you live an amazing life. But, how do you become limitless? You get out of the victim mentality, realize your …

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9 Mark Matousek Quotes About The Story We Tell Ourselves And Living Authentically

Screenshot of Mark Matousek

Mark Matousek is all about transforming your life by telling the truth. When he was younger, he left a life that everyone would love to have for one that he knew he needed to have. Now, he’s helping other people discover their truths. When it comes to the story you tell yourself, he can help …

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People Not Going After Their Dreams Will Often Try To Kill Your Dreams

People Not Going After Their Dreams Will Often Try To Kill Your Dreams

One thing I’ve experienced throughout my life is that people going after their dreams are not likely to try to kill your dreams unless they are greedy and think that you are overshadowing them or taking something away from them. But, for most people, dream chasers understand how important your dreams are and will encourage …

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I Took Lifebook Online: Review Plus Thoughts On Who It’s For

The Lifebook Quest Mindvalley Review

I’ve taken the whole Lifebook program from Lifebook Online to Lifebook Mastery. I’ve found that the beauty of Lifebook Online is that it helps you get clear on what you want in your entire life, not just in one area. If you want more clarity in life, then Jon Butcher and Lifebook can help you …

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7 Affirmations That Will Inspire You To Take More Chances

taking chances affirmations

How much have you lost or will you lose by not taking chances? Think about that. All the times you say no or hide in fear will be moments that you will never know what you could have gained if you had just taken a chance. If you don’t want to live with that regret, …

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10 Tweets That Outline A No-Brainer Way To Happiness

bigstock Never Put The Key To Your Happ 305865604

Interested in what other people think is a no-brainer way to happiness? On February 27th, the official No-Brainer Day, people were making the hashtag NoBrainerWayToHappinessIs a trend. Following are some of the top tweets and why they are so true! 1. Get Rid Of Facebook #NoBrainerWayToHappinessIs deactivating Facebook — craig onetweetwonder (@craigflynn1) February 27, 2018 …

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6 Tips To Make Manifesting Money Easier Than Ever Before

manifesting money

Manifesting money is important to almost everyone. There are very few people who don’t see the connection between money and freedom. For many people, manifesting money means being able to contribute to the world in a positive way where they are able to provide for their family, give to their friends, and help others in …

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