10 Ways to Deal with Stress in Your Relationship

Ways to Deal with Stress in Your Relationship

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The man was not created to be alone. It is natural for us to long for a partner to form a meaningful relationship with. However, since these are two people with different genetic markers, family background, culture, and a lot more, conflicts are sure to crop up time and time again! Definitely, this is not part of our #relationshipgoals!

When we are stressed, our body activates its fight or flight response as an act of self-preservation. We react by either getting aggressive or running away and building walls around our ego to protect ourselves. How do you react when you are under stress? Do you know what your attachment style is? How about your partner?

The problem with stress in relationships is it can be deep-seated. What stresses us now could be the tip of the iceberg. This sustained psychological stress is linked to depression, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. We sure do want to suffer from these lifestyle diseases!

Stress can also slowly eat up the foundation in your relationship. If you do not know how to use stress to your advantage, it may break down something which was once beautiful. Think about all the investment and sacrifices you have put into your relationship! Surely, you want to do everything in your power to keep things together!

I know that your heart is weary and your spirit is weak right now, but running away from our troubles is not a mature way of addressing our problems. We need to stay and work things out. This is the only way we can prove that we value our partner above all else. If you feel alone and on the verge of giving up, it is good to remind yourself that you are not alone in these challenging times. There are actually two people involved: you and your partner.

How invested you are in the relationship will be tested through your dedication to finding a sweet spot for both of you. Restoring harmony in a relationship is a bit challenging, but the process is full of self-discovery. It is an optimal growth period for both of you. Now, face your stressors head-on and find solutions. Here are 10 ways to deal with stress in your relationship and improve your love for each other.

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7 Deadly Sins to Avoid to Keep Your Relationship Alive and Healthy

Deadly Sins to Avoid to Keep Your Relationship Alive and Healthy

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There are many ways to keep a relationship alive and healthy. However, the pieces of advice that you often read about can be limited, especially that they only focus on the positive things that one can do to be able to live a happier and healthier life with their partner – so what’s missing here?

People rely on the choices that they make every day and many of these decisions are guided and influenced by some of the deadliest vices known to men – these sins are forms of negativities that we are too hesitant to acknowledge until it’s already too late.

If you want to keep your relationship with your partner, girlfriend, wife, boyfriend or husband alive and healthy, here are the things that you should do to avoid the seven deadly sins and how to overcome each one of them.

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50 Best Quotes about Overcoming Relationship Problems

Quotes about Overcoming Relationship Problems
quotes overcome relationship problems
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If you seek some pieces of advice on overcoming relationship problems and troubles in your relationship, here are the 50 best quotes that will inspire you to overcome the challenges you and your partner may be facing right now.

But first… let me put it this way. There are only two sides to every problem. One side is another reason to let go while the other is a reminder of the love you have promised to give to each other. You can either flip it to decide or cheat your way to choose what side you want to look at. Simple as that.

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