6 Quotes About Abusive Relationships You Need To Memorize

abusive relationship quotes

Everyone has a different opinion on abusive relationships. People who are in them see things much differently than people on the outside. People who have never been in an abusive relationship don’t understand what it’s like. And people who have never been in a healthy relationship don’t understand what that’s like. And, of course, there …

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Meditation Challenge: The One Challenge We Can All Benefit From

Meditation Challenge

Probably one of the most popular challenges you will find online is a meditation challenge. There are 7-day, 21-day, 28-day, and 30-day meditation challenges. One of my favorites is the free Oprah & Deepak 21-day meditation experience that they do on the Chopra Center from time to time. It isn’t really a ‘challenge’, but if …

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Make Someone Smile Challenge: A One-Day Challenge

Make Someone Really Smile Challenge

This ‘make someone smile challenge’ is a one-day challenge.  I’m talking about making them genuinely smile. Not just making them crack a smile or, worse, give you a fake smile, but, instead, making them full-out smile because they feel so good. Are you up for this challenge? There are some really good reasons to take …

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8 Quotes That Could Help You Put An End To Your Unhealthy Relationship

Kindness Challenge: You Will Never Regret Being Kind. Quote.

Are you in an unhealthy relationship? Are you being abused, manipulated, or treated poorly? Are you mistreating your partner? Are you or your partner not present in the relationship? Do things constantly feel rough and bad in your relationship? If so, then you may be wondering whether to stay in your unhealthy relationship, or you …

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Two-Week Quality Time Challenge: Increase The Quality Time You Spend With Your Loved Ones

Laughing Couple Spending Quality Time Together

Too many people reserve quality time for their retirement. They say things like, “When I retire, I will spend quality time with my family and my friends. Until then, I need to work, take care of the house, stay busy, and then distract my mind with TV or the internet in my free time.” If …

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13 Tony Robbins Quotes That Could Help You Find More Success In Life

Tony Robbins Success Quote

If you are on a path towards success, then you’ve probably listened to Tony Robbins at one point or another. Or, at the very least, you’ve read some of Tony Robbins quotes. There’s no denying that he’s very successful in what he does – which is helping other people be successful in all areas of …

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No Complaining Challenge: Can You Last 1 Week Without Complaining?

No Complaining Challenge

How do you know if you need to take the ‘no complaining’ challenge? Well, the first sign is that you are interested in this challenge. It means you have the awareness that you complain more than you would like. But, there are other signs. For instance, if you wake up and the first thing you do …

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Kindness Challenge: How Much Kindness Can You Handle?

kindness quote 1024x640 1

Is it time to take on a 30-day kindness challenge? If you have been feeling a bit unkind or disconnected from the world, then I would say YES! Some of us know that we have been a little less than kind lately. And, many of us may think we are being kind, but we are …

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Gratitude Challenge: So Many Benefits And So Easy To Do

Gratitude Challenge: The Benefits Are Huge!

The gratitude challenge is probably one of the first challenges I put myself up to when I started my whole personal development journey. It seemed to be the topic most talked about at that time, and people like Oprah burned it into my subconscious that being grateful was good for me. And, they were right! …

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Dairy-Free Challenge: Ready To Live Without Dairy In Your Diet For A While?

10 Ways To Smile More Often

Is it time to take on a dairy-free challenge? Many vegetarians want to go vegan but can’t bring themselves to stop eating dairy. And many people who just want to live without dairy for a while find it hard too. It’s hard to replace the taste of those cheeses that you’ve eaten since you were young or …

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