8 Things To Tell Yourself When You’re Worried About Someone Dying

Things To Tell Yourself When Youre Worried About Someone Dying

Whether you are worried about a pet or a person dying, the fear and sadness that go along with it are tremendous. It’s like they’ve already died and you are grieving them, even though you know in the back of your mind they are still alive. It’s important to recognize when you are worrying and …

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5 Mindset Blocks Holding You Back From Doing What You Want

mindset blocks

It doesn’t matter if you want to take on a new hobby, relationship, habit, or job, your mindset can make or break your success. There are some common mindset blocks that will keep you from doing anything you want to do, and, if you can’t get yourself to do what you need to do, the …

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9 Ways To Make Your Birthday Great… No Matter What Happens

9 Ways To Make Your Birthday Great No Matter What Happens

Does your birthday often make you burst into tears? You are not alone. Whether it’s because everything always goes wrong on your birthday or because you don’t like getting another year older, birthdays can be miserable days without the right planning and mindset. 9 Things You Should Do For Your Birthday To Make Sure It’s …

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Conqueror Challenge: Walk Your Way Into Better Health

all the people on conqueror map

Are you ready to take the Conqueror Challenge and walk your way into better health? If you are interested in walking and challenging yourself, then you will like the Conqueror Challenge. The Conqueror Challenges offers you a way to virtually walk all over the world without having to travel all over the world. It’s essentially …

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12 Affirmations To Say When You’re Having A Difficult Time

difficult time quote

Are you having a difficult time in life? Is everything going wrong? Tough times can be really hard on the body, mind, and spirit. This is why it’s important to work on maintaining as good a mindset as you can. During difficult times when everything seems to be going wrong, these affirmations can help you …

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12 Affirmations To Remove Self-Doubt And Trust Yourself More

affirmations remove self-doubt

Do you often think I’m not good enough or I’m not worthy? If yes, then it’s time to trust yourself more. Self-doubt can create self-fulling prophecies. When you don’t trust yourself, you can create the reality that you are trying to avoid. And that can make you depressed, sad, angry, and resentful. 12 Affirmations To …

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I Got A Personalized Moon Sign Reading: Is It Useful?

moon reading transit

I found a site that does personalized Moon Readings. What is that? Unlike a star sign, a moon reading is supposed to be based on your moon sign and reveal the hidden aspects of your personality that exist below the surface and represent the real you. While researching it, I’ve found that many people believe …

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7 Ways To Use The ‘Act As If’ Hack

What is one hack that boost everyone in life 3

We ‘act as if’ all the time. We act as if we are hurt, mad, or happy, even when we are not. We act as if we don’t know someone when we want to avoid them. We act as if something is not happening so that we don’t have to face it. Sometimes we act …

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5 Affirmations To Help You Calm Down When Someone Pisses You Off

5 Affirmations To Help You Calm Down When Someone Pisses You Off

When someone pisses you off, it’s very easy to fly off the handle and ruin your day. Essentially, that’s just letting them take control of your day with their behavior or words, and they don’t get that kind of control over your life. You can also be passive-aggressive with them and tell them to ‘Have …

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8 Things To Know About The Super Reading Quest By Jim Kwik

Super Reading questions

We’ve been focused on mind power this month, and one power your mind has is the ability to read faster than you probably think possible. In fact, Jim Kwik often says that reading is a power in itself. It helps you ‘live a thousand lives’ by reading about what others have experienced. Reading can impact …

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Challenge: Do A Self-Hypnosis Session Daily For Two Weeks

Challenge Do A Self Hypnosis Session Daily For Two Weeks

If you haven’t tried a self-hypnosis session, it’s time. It is a self-care tool that you will love. There is something in your life you want to improve, I can guarantee that, and there is a self-hypnosis session out there that can help you improve it. Self-hypnosis sessions are safe and easy to do. They …

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10 Ways You Can Start To Unlock The Power Of Your Mind

unlock power of your mind

The power of your mind is astonishing. You are capable of achieving great things, changing how you feel, becoming healthier, happier, and more successful, all through the power of your mind. In fact, you can change your entire life through the power of your mind. Unfortunately you can’t just hope to unlock the power of …

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Ted Talk Points: Power Of The Mind By Bridget Jane Long

bridget jane long ted talk points

The point of this Ted Talk is really that we all go through struggles and can overcome them with the power of the mind. Not only can we overcome them, but we can also thrive! Bridge Jane Long talks about how her kids were gone and she didn’t know where they were. She doesn’t explain …

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