10 Ways The Superbrain Quest Can Make You More Productive

Superbrain Quest Mindvalley Screenshot

When a course called Superbrain by an expert in brain performance comes up, you know I’m going to take it and review it in some way on this site. The Superbrain Quest is a Mindvalley course taught by Jim Kwik. Jim has been a brain coach for many organizations, actors, and people like you and …

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Blogging Daily For 30 Days Challenge: It’s Worth Doing As A Blogger

Blogging Challenge: Blog Everyday For A Month

As a blogger, I know that content matters. I remember when I first started online, the rule ‘content is king’ was everywhere. I don’t hear it as much, but I still think it’s as true as the day I started blogging. I’ve found that some blogs really benefit from blogging daily, and others don’t. For …

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Two Disappointing Work Experiences That Taught Me Two Valuable Lessons

stick with goal

Today has been a hugely frustrating day for me, but I’ve learned two valuable lessons. It’s all because I based my work plans on what I saw a few months ago instead of on the goals I wanted to achieve. It’s a hard lesson to learn, but it’s an important one that I want to …

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The Trick To Make 5 Second Decisions That Stop Procrastination And Boost Productivity

bigstock The Seconds Icon Isolated On 304021864

The secret to productivity is simple, according to Mel Robbins… take action. But many of us instantly get into a state where we don’t want to take action, and that’s where procrastination comes in. Mel Robbins has a 5 second rule that helps you stay out of your head and take action instead. All you …

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People Not Going After Their Dreams Will Often Try To Kill Your Dreams

People Not Going After Their Dreams Will Often Try To Kill Your Dreams

One thing I’ve experienced throughout my life is that people going after their dreams are not likely to try to kill your dreams unless they are greedy and think that you are overshadowing them or taking something away from them. But, for most people, dream chasers understand how important your dreams are and will encourage …

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Papa John’s Prank Call Teaches Us That Work Productivity Is All About Going With The Flow

Papa john's Productivity: Go With The Flow

A prank call on two Papa John’s restaurants turned into a productive call where the workers decided to go with the flow. The video is funny, but it’s also nice to see that workers can take a situation they don’t totally understand and focus on the task at hand… work. They are both a little …

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The New Planners For Kids By The Happy Planner: Making Planning Fun And Personable For Kids

The Happy Planner For Kids 1

The Happy Planner has a new line of planners out for kids! Personally, I wish these planners had been around when I was young. I would have loved this type of planner with monthly calendars, weekly spreads, and just a whole bunch of fun.   The Happy Planner For Kids Unlike the adult Happy Planner, …

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8 People Share Their Personal Habits For Increased Productivity

habits for productivity

There are two truths when it comes to being productive. First, in order to be productive each day, you need to develop the right habits. Second, we are all unique and one habit that works for increasing my productivity may not work for increasing your productivity. To show this, I asked 8 people what habit …

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10 Quotes To Keep You Going When You’re Having A Bad Day

bad day keep going 1

Having a bad day? There is nothing like a bad day to ruin your productivity! These 10 quotes can help you get your focus in the right place and start taking action and being productive despite what’s happening in your day. 1. Which Direction Are You Looking? This is one of those motivational quotes you …

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The Power Hour: Beating Procrastination One Powerful Hour At A Time

power hour

There are plenty of people who use a Power Hour for things other than beating procrastination. For instance, the first definition you might find of a Power Hour is when you drink a number of shots within one hour. That’s great for getting drunk quickly or making a boring party much more fun, but that’s …

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Simpleology: A Software To Help You Reach Your Goals And Make Life Better

simpleology mark joyner

I started using Simpleology about 10 years ago. In fact, when I first started working online, I found Simpleology’s courses, which led me to the productivity software, and that led me to a new level of productivity that I never had in life before. The main thing I remember is hearing that with Simpleology you …

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11 Intellectual Habits That Will Propel You Towards Greatness

Intellectual Habits

When I took The Lifebook Quest, there was a section on intellect. You were supposed to build an intellectual habit, and many people in the Lifebook group didn’t really understand what that meant. As someone who has always been curious, and who researches and writes a lot for websites, I have fallen into many intellectual …

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Develop Spiritual Habits To Increase Your Productivity In Life

Spiritual Habit: Get into the habit of using your spiritual side

Spiritual habits for productivity? Heck yeah! Spirituality is an important part of life – just like our relationships, career, health, and quality of life – and it can have a big impact on what you do or don’t do. How Spirituality Ties Into Productivity Spirituality is concerned with things beyond the material and physical, which …

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6 Bad Relationship Habits That You Need To Let Go Of For More Productivity

bad relationship habits productivity

Healthy relationships and productivity go hand in hand. Why? Each relationship you are in requires a part of your time. Relationships require work, but unhealthy relationships require much more work than healthy ones do. All that negativity keeps you constantly engaged in or focused on the relationship and gives you less time to do things …

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4 Daily Habits For Keeping A Clean Home That Feels Good To Live In

daily cleaning habits

We’ve talked about how important it is to your productivity to keep your home free of clutter. But, it’s just as important to keep a clean home. A messy house causes stress, which is bad for your productivity, happiness, relationships, and more. Moreover, without the right daily habits for cleaning, too much of your time …

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3 Important Tips To Help You Develop Good Habits Out Of Bad Habits

forming good habits

You want to develop good habits for your health, happiness, career, productivity, and life in general. Great! Forming good habits is the catalyst to success in anything. But, is that really possible for you to change your bad habits into good habits? The short answer is yes. With the right mindset and techniques, you can …

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