The Longevity Blueprint Challenge: A Roadmap For Better Health

longevity blueprint quest screenshot ben greenfield

Challenge yourself to learn, from one of the top trainers out there, how to promote longevity and beauty and then put what you learn into practice. Ben Greenfield is an athlete and trainer who is an expert when it comes to keeping the body healthy and strong. The Longevity Blueprint was created by Ben for …

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The Habit Of Ferocity: My Review And Thoughts On The Mindvalley Quest

the habit of ferocity review

I have found that there are some quests on Mindvalley that you could do all in one day and still get the benefit. The Habit of Ferocity is not one of them. This quest requires a lot of thought and integration, and I can tell you that at the end of the quest you are …

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Read One Fiction And One Non-Fiction Book Every Month

read challenge

Many people set the intention to read more each year. That’s because we intuitively know that reading is good for us. It’s relaxing, rewarding, and fun. It gives us something productive to do on long trips. It helps us get away from the screens that soak up our energy, time, and sanity. Reading helps us …

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Evolve As A Human Being With Awaken The Species

A girl feeling inner peace and awakened

Neale Donald Walsch has a course on Mindvalley called Awaken The Species. It’s a dynamic course that challenges you to look at 16 key areas of your life and how you are currently doing in them. If you are struggling with negative people and anxiety dragging you down when you just want to feel good …

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Challenge Yourself To Dictate How You Will Feel For 7 Days

calendar of feelings

How you feel is so important. It’s more important than how you think because your feelings have a larger influence over what you do, what you see, and what you allow into your life. Your feelings influence your attitude and character which influences everything else in your life. A lot of people don’t think they …

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Work On Waking Up With No Regrets In Your Relationship

no regrets challenge

There are two big relationship events that can cause you to feel a ton of regret. The first is when your partner dies suddenly. You can find yourself wishing you had been kinder and more loving, among many other things. The second is when your partner decides to leave you. You can find yourself regretting …

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10 Of Jim Kwik’s Top Tips To Improve Your Brain Health

dark chocolate brain health jim kwik

I’ve talked about how the Superbrain quest on Mindvalley is excellent for your productivity. Jim Kwik teaches you a bunch of techniques to remember things like names, numbers, list items, and more. But, he also teaches you how to strengthen your brain and your memory by paying attention to what you eat and what you …

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Get Addicted To Things That Affect You In A Positive Way

positive addiction

When you think of positive addiction, you probably just hear the word ‘addiction’, which has a very negative tone to it. I have had many negative addictions in my life, as I’m sure many of you have. Negative addictions can be: Smoking Gambling Drugs Overeating Eating too little Not exercising enough Dating chaotic people But …

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28 Days Of Journal Prompts For Your Romantic Relationship

romance prompts

February is often coined the romance month. I change my whole house into a romantic theme for the month of February and I focus on the romantic aspect of my life. It is an important aspect of my life because when I’m happy in my love relationship, the rest of my life goes much more …

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Take The Superbrain Quest And Challenge Your Brain To Get Stronger In All Ways

uperbrain quest challenge

Everyone has a superbrain according to Jim Kwik. Even though he was made to feel like he had a stupid brain when he was younger, he found a way to overcome other’s judgments, become a brain coach to the stars, and create a quest on Mindvalley called the Superbrain quest. So, if you think that …

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Annoyed With Social Media? Don’t Get Rid Of It, Do This Instead

Annoyed With Social Media? Don't Get Rid Of It, Do This Instead

Social media is an interesting thing. It allows us to connect with like-minded people, stay up-to-date with our friends and people we are interested in, and learn about news within a moment’s notice. But, it’s not all rainbows and lollipops. Getting annoyed with social media happens to everyone for many different reasons. That’s when social …

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6 Quotes That Will Inspire You To Speak Up More

speak up more affirmations

It’s time to speak up more. You have your own thoughts and you have a voice to speak them. If you don’t speak up when you feel like you should, then you are responsible for the outcome – nobody else. Take ownership of your happiness, health, and success, and speak up more! The following 6 …

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Speak And Inspire Quest Challenge: Learn How To Impact Others Positively

Hand holding microphone and showing thumbs up in front of a crowd of silhouette people. Public speaking and giving speech

If you have a message, but don’t have the communication skills or confidence to get that message out there in a way that’s impactful, then the Speak and Inspire quest by Lisa Nichols is a 30-day challenge you will want to take. 5 Reasons You Should Take The Speak And Inspire Quest Challenge 1. You …

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Relationship Challenge: Sit Down Each Day And Discuss One Question

Ask Partner Questions Challenge

Communication is what keeps relationships alive. You cannot stay strong, happy, and fulfilled in your relationship if you do not communicate. But, we often take communication for granted, limiting it to ‘How was your day?’ and ‘What do you want to do?’ We don’t take advantage of the time we have to communicate in a …

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Acknowledge Your Value With 30 Days Of Reflective Questions

Acknowledge Your Value

You are valuable in this world. If you don’t acknowledge your value, other people can easily rule how you feel about yourself. One person may compliment you and have you feeling on top of the world, then another person may yell at you and leave you feeling worthless. In order to maintain a sense of …

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Blogging Daily For 30 Days Challenge: It’s Worth Doing As A Blogger

Blogging Challenge: Blog Everyday For A Month

As a blogger, I know that content matters. I remember when I first started online, the rule ‘content is king’ was everywhere. I don’t hear it as much, but I still think it’s as true as the day I started blogging. I’ve found that some blogs really benefit from blogging daily, and others don’t. For …

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