I Miss My Ex So Much! 18 Things to Do When You Miss Your Ex

Things to Do When You Miss Your Ex

Still mourning over your breakup? Do you still love your ex but for some reasons you can never get back together? Do you want to completely let go and move on? Just so you know, the moving on process does not happen overnight and it is normal that you will miss your ex because s/he …

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15 Qualities of a Good Woman

Qualities that Make You a Good Woman

There are a lot of admirable ladies around, and you might be insecure with them because you think you could never be half as good as they are. However, always remember that no one is perfect, and everyone has her own share of flaws and goodness. If you want to be a good person, then …

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14 Characteristics of Unhealthy Relationship

Characteristics of Unhealthy Relationship

How do you know if your relationship is still worth keeping? You probably love your boyfriend/girlfriend so much but it gives you more headaches than happiness. Or maybe it is hindering you from being productive and from getting closer to your dreams. If your relationship has negative effects on you already, then it can be …

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14 Benefits of Being in a Relationship

Benefits of Being in a Relationship

In my previous article, I have enumerated the benefits of being single. Aside from having the freedom to live your life to the fullest, you also save yourself from heartaches and headaches that usually come with the perks of being in a committed relationship. However, I am not saying that you should not get into …

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15 Ways to Overcome Tardiness or Lateness, to Be Punctual

How to Overcome Tardiness

Getting reprimanded for always coming to school or working late? Do you always include overcoming tardiness in your every New Year’s resolution but nothing changes? Maybe it is time to start taking little steps that will help you achieve this objective successfully. So how do you overcome tardiness or lateness? You do not have to …

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15 Fulfilling Ways to be Diligent

Fulfilling Ways to be Diligent

Diligence is probably one of the traits that most people find hard to achieve. With the increasing number of distractions around, such as social media, the Internet, and mobile games, sometimes it becomes difficult to stay focused on what needs to be done. Admit it, once you feel tired or bored with what you do, …

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17 Motivating Ways to Improve Your Skills

Motivating Ways to Improve Your Skills

Are you having self-pity because you think you are not as talented as others? Or maybe you have the skills but you wish to improve them. What can you do? Skills are learned and anyone can be a master at one skill or more with the right amount of dedication, knowledge, and experience. If you …

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14 Rewarding Ways to Break Your Bad Habits

Rewarding Ways to Break Your Bad Habits

Do you want to quit smoking or drinking too much alcohol? Or maybe you have realized how checking Facebook eats much of your time that you cannot study anymore. Or you simply procrastinate all day that you have become so unproductive lately. Bad habits always come with a price—and it could be a harmful effect on …

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8 Ways to Realize and Accept Your Own Mistakes

Realize and Accept Your Own Mistakes

One of the most difficult realities to accept is our own imperfection. Usually, it is easier for humans to pinpoint the flaws of others, but we are always on the defensive mode whenever we hear others talk about ours. Nevertheless, in order for us to be able to maintain good relationships, we have to be …

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20 Smart Ways to be a Better Thinker

Smart Ways to be a Better Thinker

Being a pessimist can greatly affect how you respond to situations as it may lead you to despair or depression. Moreover, it can have a negative effect on how you socialize with people. It could cause trust issues and cynicism. In order for you to improve your mindset towards circumstances and the people around you, …

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Is it Better to be Single or be in a Relationship?

Is it Better to be Single or be in a Relationship?

Which is better? Being single and free or being in a committed relationship? Are you weighing down the advantages and disadvantages of going steady with someone you love? There are a lot of things that only single people can enjoy. They have the freedom to do whatever they like, and they can have more opportunities …

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12 Ways to Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

Are you glad that you have family or friends who are always available to help you whenever you are in need? Are you thankful for them? Well, have you ever let them know how much you value their support and presence? Gratitude is one of the best gifts you can give back to those who …

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15 Ways to Improve Your Focus

Improve Your Focus

Are you aiming to top the board exam? Or do you want to graduate with flying colors? Or maybe you want to achieve your dream of being a millionaire in two years. These goals are not impossible to reach, but they all require a great amount of focus to be possible. Nevertheless, with so much …

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15 Ways to Find the Right Mindset for Success

Find the Right Mindset for Success

Being successful is not dependent on luck. Moreover, you do not need to come from a rich family or graduate from a popular school just to be a successful person. It is something that can be achieved with perseverance, discipline, and the right mindset. If you are easily discouraged from failures and you want to …

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15 Ways to Not Give Up When Things Get Hard

Not Give Up When Things Get Hard

Are you on the verge of quitting it all because it seems like everything has gone out of control? Do you feel like you are a failure for not being able to successfully carry out your plans? It may seem like you have done everything you could but your best was not good enough—so should …

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17 Ways to Unlock Your Full Potential

Unlock Your Full Potential

The best thing you can do for yourself is achieving self-actualization, and this would only happen if you reach your highest potential. However, this does not happen overnight and there are always roadblocks along the way. If you want to unlock your full potential, then you can check out these 17 ways I have listed …

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14 Ways to Stop Worrying and Overthinking in Your Relationship

Stop Worrying and Overthinking in Your Relationship

Being paranoid about your relationship? Are you afraid that your partner could be sneaking behind you? If you have been cheated on in your past relationships, then it would not be surprising if it is hard for you to trust completely again. The problem is, sometimes we get too paranoid about the possibility of getting …

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How to Stop Yourself from Falling in Love Fast

Stop Yourself from Falling in Love Fast

Are you falling for someone but you are afraid s/he is the wrong person? You have probably been hurt a lot in the past and you want to keep yourself from further heartbreaks. Now, is there any way you can stop yourself from falling in-loving fast? True love takes time to grow. Yes, it is …

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How Do You Know It’s True Love? 15 Signs It’s the Real Thing

How Do You Know It’s True Love

Are you in love? How do you know it’s true love? What if it is only infatuation or obsession? Or maybe you are only overwhelmed by the thrill of getting attention from someone you are attracted to. Everyone is looking for genuine love. Sad to say, some people who thought they already found it realized …

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How to be Mindful: 14 Ways to Develop Mindfulness

How to be Mindful

Have you been called insensitive due to your careless comments? Or do people tell you that you need to be more tactful because you are being too honest? Do you think it is time for you to learn to control your mouth or actions to avoid offending others? Or probably you are struggling with carelessness …

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How to Overcome Greed: 15 Ways to Develop Generosity

Ways to Develop Generosity

Not everyone is a natural giver. Some struggle with generosity because they are worried that their resources would not be enough for them if they give to others. Others are focused on saving as much as possible for the ‘future’, and giving to others would defeat their purpose. However, we all know that an ideal …

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How to Not Lose Hope: 17 Ways to be Optimistic about the Future

Ways to be Optimistic about the Future

Negative situations and painful experiences can dull our perspective of the future. Sometimes, if we are surrounded by problems, we cannot see beyond them anymore. We have the tendency to succumb to hopelessness, killing the light in our eyes. If right now you are in a situation wherein you are struggling to move on with …

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How to Overcome Laziness: 18 Ways to be Hardworking

How to Overcome Laziness

Laziness is among the top enemies of employees and students. There are many people who are actually intelligent and have the capacity to get what they want. However, because they lack hard work, they fail to accomplish their goals and end up unsuccessful all their lives. Probably, you are among the people who are struggling …

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How to Not be a Hypocrite in 17 Ways

How to Not be a Hypocrite

One of the causes of conflicts is hypocrisy. It is always easy for everyone to point out the mistakes of others and not see his/her own. Also, many people think they are better than others whose flaws are exposed because their own closets of skeletons are not discovered yet. The danger is sometimes we are …

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How to Overcome Envy: 14 Ways to be Happy and Content

How to Overcome Envy

Envy makes you insecure and discouraged. As you continue to look at what others have that you lack, you become more discontent to the point that you cannot appreciate what you have. The problem is “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”. You are probably unhappy with your life because …

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How to be a Humble Person: 20 Ways to Get Rid of Pride

How to be a Humble Person

Proud people are annoying, right? They are those who always think they are better than others and never get tired of flaunting their accomplishments. Worse, they can be aggressive if you outshine them—they would not accept defeat. As you do not like prideful people, you have to be careful not to be like them so …

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16 Good Reasons Not to Fall in Love

Good Reasons Not to Fall in Love
girl falling in love
Photo by Fernando Gimenez

Being in love is one of the most beautiful feelings you could ever feel. It could take you to cloud nine and make the world and time standstill. This feeling is so powerful that it could stand against all odds and cause you to swallow your pride.

Nevertheless, like fire, being in love can be either constructive or destructive. If it inspires you to be a better person, then it is something to treasure. On the other hand, if it causes your world to fall apart, then it is tragic.

Love is beautiful and everyone needs it. However, it does not mean that falling in love with anyone, anywhere, and anytime is always right. If your mind tells you it is wrong, then you probably have to listen.

Here are 16 good reasons why you should not fall in love.

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How to Put God at the Center of Your Relationship: 17 Ways

Put God at the Center of Your Relationship 1200 1

Women are often told to look for men who love them more than they (these girls) would ever love these guys back to make sure they won’t be cheated on. However, isn’t this a bit unfair for men? I believe they deserve to be loved as much as possible too. Well, if you want a …

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